Ally Financial Extension Agreement

Yes, you feel free to continue paying during your renewal in order to reduce financing costs. Paying during the extension won`t reverse your extension or affect its length, nor will it affect the number of extensions you can take in the future. If the payment you pay for your extension is returned, call 1-888-925-2559 or discuss online with us to discuss options to replace this payment. If you make your first regular payment after the extension period, it will be applied first to cover all financing costs incurred, and then on the remaining balance payable. The length of time you pay the financing costs incurred during the extension period will depend on the amount and date of the payments you make. Ally Auto is HORRIBLE! Since January 2016, I`ve been at Ally Auto and every month of my experience gets worse! It started in March as I had AutoPay and they took twice as much as they should have. It started to happen every month a little more each time. A few days ago, we had to call Ally to ask what was really going on. You said that the account was late, with which at first was not at all true! We have only allowed them to take the payment, and yet they are getting more and more out of it.

I just called to talk to the rudest representative I have ever met in my life. She didn`t let me talk at all, she kept cutting me and didn`t hear anything I had to say. I understand why this business has only one star! Ally Auto is a scam – this store must be shut down! Will you cancel the payments during my extension period? We discussed making our lease at an early stage or keeping it until the lease was concluded. We bought a 3 year lease and paid in the first year. We also had additional money added to the lease to cover any problems that might be there if we hired it. When I called to talk to Ally that I was going to get my prepaid miles back, they told me that if I returned the vehicle, I would have it. We were delighted because we were more than 4500 miles below the mileage we had paid in the deal. As we had already paid the lease, the mileage was a welcome discussion. Needless to say, day after day, I receive calls and letters, and I have to live this terrible experience that my daughter is dying and that the challenge that our home and our city are devastated by the hurricane…

Every time I talked to one person, they would say, “Don`t worry. Everything`s fine. They are allowed to be renewed at no cost. Just to get another call and another letter in two more days… The emotional abuse I receive from the collection team is unreal. NOW REMEMBER the payment is not even behind and they are chasing me to pay a renewal fee… We recommend using our online experience to stay connected to your account, especially if the wait times for calls are longer, I`m not sure where to start. My husband and I refinanced my vehicle, which was originally funded by Ally. Since we had bought GAP insurance, they had to pay us back the balance of $900.

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