Csula Articulation Agreement

Read about articulation agreements on the campus website following registrar.humboldt.edu/transfer-credit. Course articulation contracts for the last academic years (2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019) can ASSIST.org in academic year (2016-2017). Cal Poly will honor all joints that will be presented in the academic year (2016-2017) for the following years (2017-2018, 2018-2019). Individual Cal Poly course agreements approved after April 30, 2019 are posted here. Read the articulation information on the following campus website: CSU campuses may enter into course-to-course or program articulation agreements with other CSU campuses and all or all California community colleges and other regionally accredited institutions. The CSE and CCC joints are available on www.assist.org. Students may not transfer more than 70 semesters (105 shifts) from an institution that does not offer a bachelor`s degree or their equivalents. B, for example, community schools, to a CSU campus. Taking into account the 30 semesters (45 wards) of the university`s housing unit, no more than 90 semesters (135 quarters) cannot be transferred from all sources to the university. It is recommended that all agreements be used in conjunction with the Cal Poly catalogue, which lists the most recent program, and the transfer selection criteria, which indicate the current course lists required to participate in competitive access. ASSIST is the official repository of the articulation for Colleges and Universities in California and provides the most accurate and up-to-date information on student transfer to California.

For information on course-to-course agreements starting in the fall Articulation is the process by which the faculty of two or more institutions review similar courses from their respective institutions in order to determine whether the content of the courses is comparable enough to formally take ice for each other. Among other things, the completion of an articulation course at a host institution`s university ensures that the necessary context and preparation have been made available to enable the student to access the next level of teaching at the host university. This process is facilitated by the person in charge of the articulation, who holds all the articulation agreements and reports to the Dean of Bachelor Studies. All articulation chords are published on assist.org. Please note that mint majors should prioritize important preparatory courses. California State University (CSU) is a state college system in California, which consists of 23 campuses.

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