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In Europe, for example, the 1996 European Intermediate Position Assistance Directive (96/67/EC) opened up the competition aid market and maintained the general freedom of the airline to self-administer at an airport. Many of these changes are only editorial, the SGHA 2013 amendment. However, some changes are significant and focus on operational practices, improved standards, training, bankruptcies, receivables and compliance in general. Alastair Long Registered Foreign Lawyer, Hong Kong T -852 3983 7788 E elsewhere, in accordance with item 11.11, all revised taxes must be accessed within the first 30 days before the amendments come into effect within 60 days of notification. Article 11.13 allows for accommodations in the event of binding minimum wage laws. It recognizes the reality that minimum wage laws will continue to have a significant impact on the basis of a handler`s employment costs. Handling companies are often the face of an airline in an airport. Airlines must provide sufficient information to enable auxiliary companies to perform the processing properly (new point 5.1). In addition, in accordance with item 11.11, all amended taxes must come into effect within the first 30 days before the amendments come into effect, within 60 days of the dernot. This new clause will protect assistance companies if an airline attempts to circumvent an unfavourable contract and merely include its requirements “in the source.” Peter Coles Partner, Hong Kong T -852 3983 7711 E SGHA 2018 does not deal entirely with data protection, although the definition of eTickets tickets has been extended. The initial clause 5.10 of SGHA 2013, which states that “contracting parties agree to comply with all applicable data protection laws when providing services,” has been removed. The training provisions contained in the new Term 5.6 contain the knowledge by trade agents of rules and regulations as a minimum and cross-reference to IATA documents in point 5.3.

For more information, please contact the authors of this briefing: improvements can be made when airlines use more detailed documentation requirements for cargo shipments and handling of irregularities (Annex A 5.3.1 and 5.7). The training provisions set out in paragraph 5.6 contain knowledge of the rules and rules by trade officers as a minimum and cross-cutting reference to IATA documents in paragraph 5.3. In short, the SGHA is an effective and useful contractual instrument for the industry. However, it is only a baseline. From an operational point of view, a size is not suitable for everyone. The parties should not abandon the principles of contractual freedom and continue to tailor their contracts to their operational needs. SGHA 2018 highlighted the broader audit rights under Article 5.9 to allow other air carriers within an IATA audit pool to control the handling company in favour of this pool. Currently, there are 37 airlines within the ISAGO Audit Pools, which can benefit from joint audit reports for the same airport manager.

Alastair Long Registered Foreign Lawyer, Hong Kong T -852 3983 7788 E Of course, airlines have their own ground service guide, other service provider guidelines, codes of conduct, approach rules, customer service (as a customer charter), style and same brand. Some felt that the wording of the 2013 edition simply meant that a claim for damages from the carrier would be invalidated, unless the recipient had asserted a right within 14/21 days.

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