Trade Agreement Acok

New castles have been added to The Westerland. New gentlemen have been added to the Westerlands. Jaime Lannister has been added. Medger Cerwyn, Harrion Karstark and Wylis Manderly were detained in Harrenhal at the start of the match. Jaime Lannister and Antario Jast were locked up at Riverrun early in the game. The Oldtown stage is added. The white harbor scene is added. The Volantis scene is added. The Dreadfort scene is added. Many new NPCs, including Lysa Tully, Catelyn Stark, Melisandre and Vargo Hoat, have been added. Six new unique quests have been added.

Unique quest rewards have been added. Two types of semi-new land added – marsh and jungle. All new on the eastern continent. Optimized diplomacy. Outlaws optimized. Outlaw-Spawnpoints optimized. Wildfire pots are added. The Red Keep scene has been updated. The quiet island has been added.

The island of faces has been added. Added pain, formerly known as Chroyane. A random septyria has been added. Nunn`s Deep added. The ruins of Summerhall are added. A brand new soundtrack has been added. A new blood effect has been added. Bilwit armor has been added. Other armor has been added. Three unique Valyrian weapons added as quest rewards. A new boat scene has been added. Invisible barriers added to all naval scenes, troops should no longer crash and get stuck at the bottom of the ocean.

Re-texture most commercial goods. I`ve already posted this, but no one answered, please could someone help me? 🙂 How can I convince another group president to approve my contract? I have given him a lot of gold and weapons, but he will still not accept my trade agreement/agreement. My RTR is 76 years old. Do I miss something? Fixed tournaments. Naval battles. It`s a firm business. Different scene optimizations. Volantene`s men were corrected and caused a crash. A clash of Kings version 1.0 Added Two-Handed Warhammers Removed horned Ironborn helms. Dragonstone and Driftmark are now closer on the map.

Some changes to the chain. Ten towers and Fellwood scenes added by LordCanute. Pentos, Sunspear, Lys and Ashford added scenes from LordCanute. Some game_menu changes. The Wights will never let go of the armor. Some war horses have been slightly modified. Different music changes. Northern Pikemen has been changed to Northern Billmen.

Fully revisited interface images. Archer dothraki plan. Gerold Dayne now has more Dayne-ish functions. The Dornish have updated their facecodes. Looters have fewer spears and more handguns. It should be less lethal to the cavalry. Some objects were made less white-ish, and gave an altered look. The color code of the Iron Islands has been made a little darker to facilitate the distinction between them and the north. The Maces are doing a little less damage. One-handed Maces can no longer repress enemies. One-handed pimps can no longer be crushed by shields.

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